Drop the bar with peace of mind.

We are rounding the corner now with making a full out launch of our drop pads.  Shipping will be automatic in the next couple weeks and the website will feature a lot of the gyms that are using our product.  We are coming out with some demo videos to show various uses for the pads along with some instructional ideas of how to implement the product into a class type setting. 

I also want to reiterate that we understand the concerns associated with running a barbell or strength style facility or lifting in your garage and what sort of noise and vibration that causes.  Trying to coach, lift or run your business loses all sorts of fun when you are more concerned about dropping barbells and pissing off your neighbors than anything else.  Opening your email or listening to a voice mail with threats from landlords, lawyers and neighbors can really crap on your day as well.   We developed these pads because we faced a monster sized business closing lawsuit, so when I say I understand your frustrations I really do mean it.  

Watching someone slam a bar after a beautiful lift at 5:30a is a beautiful thing my friends. 

Coach David 




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