Pound safely with Hang Power Cleans

There is a quick and easy learning curve when using the Pound Pads in a group setting or on your own in your garage.  Getting athletes comfortable with dropping on the pads can be done in about 2 or 3 minutes with the use of a Hang Power Clean at a lighter weight.  

Our gym had a zero drop policy for quite some time and then all of a sudden we where telling athletes that it was 100% cool to drop their barbells on the Pound Pads at any time.  It was a bit of a shell shock to say the least, but it was something the athletes absolutely loved.  We all know how much fun it is to bring a 90+% Split Jerk back down to the floor quietly.  

Pound Pads are an easy solution to all the affiliates, garage spaces and training facilities that have noise or vibration problems.

Here is a video showing how we teach athletes to drop on the pads.  




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