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International Shipping is a GO!

It took some work to navigate customs and shipping regulations but we are ready to ship international!  We have been shipping orders of all sizes all over the world and can typically arrange door to door delivery in less than 6 days.  We are also currently working with partners in Japan and Europe to help us with distribution which will improve delivery times and shipping prices.  More to come on that in the future.  Contact us at for a shipping and pricing quote.  Have a great day lifters.  If you are having problems with noise and vibration give us a shout, we went through the same issues and almost lost our gym.   We know what it is like to cringe...

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Pound safely with Hang Power Cleans

There is a quick and easy learning curve when using the Pound Pads in a group setting or on your own in your garage.  Getting athletes comfortable with dropping on the pads can be done in about 2 or 3 minutes with the use of a Hang Power Clean at a lighter weight.   Our gym had a zero drop policy for quite some time and then all of a sudden we where telling athletes that it was 100% cool to drop their barbells on the Pound Pads at any time.  It was a bit of a shell shock to say the least, but it was something the athletes absolutely loved.  We all know how much fun it is to...

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Ready to ship.

On Tuesday, November 11th we will be picking up our first shipment of Pound Pads that will be ready for sale.  Our first run will have two colors options (black / blue) with future color options and branding available.  For those of you who are on our website looking for options for a noise and vibration issues we know first hand what you are dealing with and what a son of a #$%^& it is to work around.  We are opening the possibilities to being able to lift, train and slam bars 24/7.  This product has born out of necessarily.  It was our solution to lawsuits and closing our gym.  I have no doubts that it will offer you the...

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