Product Features

Although each Pad only weighs 24 pounds, the 1600lb tensile strength handle will make sure that it never rips or detaches from the case itself.

The “Strong Bond Thread” used in the creation of the Pound Pads, is the same exact material found in Military Humvee Jack Bags.  All this points to an incredibly strong thread to ensure the Pound Pad holds up to anything you throw on it over and over again. 

The “Power Zipper” with its molded teeth is large enough to function as a ventilation system which allows the Pad to breathe with every drop. This breathing effect will ensure your Pound Pad will endure the test of time. This is what the manufacturer has to say about it, "It's big, it's gnarly, it's chunky and it will last forever."

Vinyl Coated Fabric, Mildew, UV, water and fire resistant.  The heavyweight material is built to withstand the damage from heavy drops and is strong enough to hold its color and form for the life of the Pads.

Internal Padding:
After testing hundreds of foam options, the result is a perfect harmony of density, thickness, and design that will absorb and diffuse the noise and vibration associated with heavy barbell drops at any time of day or night!

The 24" x 30" x5" sizing is large enough to catch heavy drops of all sizes but small enough as to not be perceived as a nuisance or trip hazard on the training floor. Portable and easy to move; the convenient size allows for any height athlete to pick up a set of Pound Pads and carry off the floor without drag. 

Made in the USA:
All products are locally sourced and made in the USA.  We strongly believe in supporting small businesses whenever possible.

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